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Next door to me, out here in the wild, west county pastures of Bloomfield, are two separate properties with corrals. To the south is a family that keeps goats and alpacas. To the west is a broken down little paddock … Continue reading

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The Blank Page

Facing the blank page may, as it turns out, be the easiest way to meditate for this writer. I wake up in a head filled with chatter. The dream I just had, what that reminds me of, a song I … Continue reading

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Mending Nets

When fishermen can’t get to sea, they stay home and mend nets.  I don’t know where this saying came from originally, but it rung in my mind this morning as I sat home untangling yarn from my yarn basket.  When … Continue reading

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fear [fir] n.

If you look up the word “pheer” (because if you’re me you think misspelling things is the height of hilarity this soon in the day)… it leads you to the word “fere” which is defined as: fere [fɪə (Scot) fiːr] … Continue reading

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Hay Truck

            “Make a wish,” my father would say when we passed a hay truck.  And I would.  My wishes rode the highways of this country, each one borne into the bellies of cows and horses.  … Continue reading

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I Between the whispered motion of a starling’s flank, and a haunted twist of cloud, there moves a quick thought, or half thought, leading further in and away, or towards, all the reasons we rise in the morning, despite how, … Continue reading

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I have heard the mermaids singing each to each

I am not married.  When there is a form on which I must choose a category for myself, I usually check “divorced.”  But it has been so long – fifteen years now – that I cannot even really remember what … Continue reading

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