the rare and enigmatic dakini

writer, loopy artist, mom, armchair visionary, guerilla know-it-all, elitist twat, both a dog and cat person, owner of a leather sofa


2 Responses to the rare and enigmatic dakini

  1. Thanks for the follow dakini- Namaste!

  2. leslie stiles says:

    Dear Enigma, In a world so far away as that of the life, words, and cynical wit of a stranger and how just at a glance into that world can bring things into a closer focus within your own. In moments everything was blurry, morphic even and then moments later and after a long slow blink (tada) I Can See with a lil’ more clarity and Now I Can, and I Will tell My Beastie that This is My Life, My Path, and My Choice, so get your Craggy Ass up out of My Seat because I’M Driving This Here Bus, Wheels or Not. Thank you for being You and sharing Enigmatic Self through your (insert superlative here) weaving of words!
    May the All that is Divine in the Universe Bless You Indeed, for You have Blessed Me…

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