the day of the hedgehog

So, a few days ago I found a hedgehog wind chime hanging in my yard that I had never noticed before.  Granted, I haven’t lived in this house long, just a few short weeks.  But seriously, it’s hanging right inside my front gate, at eye height.  Kinda hard to miss it, one would think.  So now I’m wondering… did I just completely fail to notice a hedgehog wind chime in all the hundreds of times I walked in and out of this gate in the past several weeks?  Or, perhaps more disturbing, did someone randomly leave a hedgehog wind chime in my yard for some bizarre reason?  I can’t decide which is worse.

I asked my daughter if she was responsible for the hedgehog.  She looked at me as if I was insane.  So… no then.  I called my mother.  She is known for bringing us assorted random objects on a regular basis, so I figured it was possible.  “Why would I do that, honey?” she asked.  Alrighty then.  I googled hedgehog and found this:

Hedgehog Club

and this:

Hedgehog Central

Who knew hedgehogs were so popular?  I certainly didn’t.  I might have gone my entire life without realizing how important the hedgehog is to some people.  Too late.

Those with the hedgehog as their animal totem know how to take care of themselves and do so with grace and style… Being a nocturnal creature, the symbolism of the hedgehog deals with intuition, psychic ability, prophetic dreams and visions… Another testimony to its spiritual power is the hedgehog’s natural resistance to snake venom.  This attribute is a portent of resurrection, life after death, or defeating death completely.


My teenage daughter just left home for the first time yesterday.  Moved to Seattle to begin a new life on her own, starting art school next year, getting out there are getting dirty and falling down and getting back up again.  I guess I’m in a place that’s like resurrection.  I guess I know how to take care of myself (the grace and style part is debatable).  And I guess now I have a chance to follow my dreams in a bigger way than before.

Today’s daily meditation reads:

Everyone has a talent.  What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.” – Erica Jong

Hey thanks Mister Hedgehog.  I don’t know where you came from suddenly, but it’s a gift I’m gonna take and run with.  Here I am curling into a round little spiny ball and rolling on into the darkness.  Gonna find some worms and bugs and hunker down and go back to work on my novel.  So there.

“An aphorism ought to be entirely isolated from the surrounding world like a little work of art and complete in itself like a hedgehog.” -Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel


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writer, loopy artist, mom, armchair visionary, guerilla know-it-all, elitist twat, both a dog and cat person, owner of a leather sofa
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4 Responses to the day of the hedgehog

  1. Larry says:

    Much strength to you as times change.

  2. Mr. Steve says:

    This post was really pretty poignant, but the second I read ‘The Hedgehog’ all I could think of was Ron Jeremy and it really kind of changed the tone of the piece for me.

    That’s my subtle way of saying give your friend Steve a call Miss Charissa (I lost your number again)


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